I wanted to write about one of my favourite brand's, which is Lush, it was founded in 1995 at Poole Uk, all their products are Vegetarian and 85% of them are Vegan made with natural ingredients by real people, the products will come either with no packaging, glass or in a black pot, which are all recyclable.

They sell creams, soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, moisturisers, scrubs, masks, perfumes and other cosmetics for the face, hair, body. All of these items have varied aromas and textures. Every time I go to a Lush store I get so happy, the stores are always colourful, smells divine and the staff are always so helpful, I can't fault it.

Did you know that Lush has their own Spa's? Well I didn't, until recently when I was searching online and found they have 8 locations within the Uk, they are: Poole, Bath, Cardiff, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Edinburgh. You can have a treatment starting from £40 depending on location, the treatments range from a full body massage, facial's, foot's massages, meditation to different types of recharging your body and mind, I can't wait to try it.

They have around 900 stores worldwide in 49 countries, 250 of them are in the USA, so for a little store that was founded in a large coastal town and seaport in Dorset city Poole, it has really grown and that shows that people want more natural, plastic free products.

I found out that in 2007 Lush launched Charity Pot. One-hundred percent of the purchase price of this item goes into a Charity Pot Fund, which is donated to environmental, humanitarian and animal rights charities. In the first five years, the company donated $2 million to charities through the programme.

Bellow I will mention some of my favourite lush products.

For lips I love the Cherry scrub and the Rose lip balm, it leaves my lips so smooth and fresh.

For hair the Jason and the Argan oil shampoo, it will leave your hair smelling of roses and the Argan oil gives it a wonderful smooth feeling, for the conditioner I use The Jungle it helps retain your hairs moisture and smoothness.

I love the Lush bath bombs, these are the Aubergine and the Peachy one, perfect for a valentines gift or a romantic night, It's very bubbly and will leave your skin smooth, it has antibacterial effects on the skin and uplifts and brightens the mood, it will leave your skin with a strong fruity aroma and that is thought to act as an aphrodisiac.

Angels on Bare Skin it's my favourite face cleanser, with all natural ingredients, ground almonds, chamomile, rose, lavender flowers and oil it helps your skin if you have acne and dry skin. The smell is divine and the end result is amazing, it comes in a fully recycled black pot and once you finished with your product you can take it back to the store and they will recycle it for you, just make sure you rinse it first, or you can make use of the pot for other things.

I love the idea of recycling as the planet is already full of plastic everywhere, so its important we do your part and help.

Sun Perfume will leave a lovely citrus fragrance on your skin, it has a fresh burst of juicy Brazilian orange and fragrant mimosa, this perfume is ideal for Spring and Summer time, it will make you fresh and happy.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you will make the change and look into purchasing products that do not require plastic and like the above also give you so many benefits, the fact you can get recycled pots from Lush that can be re-used again and again, I find amazing.

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Catia Paice

The above views are all my own and this is not a paid partnership with any brands, the products I write about I have purchased myself and the reviews are my personal opinion.

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