Homemade Eco-surface cleaner

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

So, why I am posting this? I have learnt the pollution inside our houses matches and surpasses the pollution in the streets! This is because we use massive amounts of cleaning products, like detergents and sprays that contain chemicals that are damage our body. We all know about indoor air pollution and how it affects our health, it was stated in the British Lung Foundation that everything from surface cleaning to washing conditioner contains chemicals and toxins that make their way into our blood streams through the air or the skin. But there are many Eco & human friendly alternatives out there, for example: Astonish cleaning products, Smol, Soapnut shells organic and many more, or as I do you can make your own at home as it is quite simple.

The following is what I use:

1 Glass Bottle with spray nozzle

2 Cups of water

2 Table spoons of vinegar

1 Tablespoon bicarbonate of soda

10 Drops of lemon essential oil (alternatively you can use peppermint/Lavender)

2 Tablespoons Castile soap

Once combined let the mixture sit for 2-3 days. Once this time has passed its ready to pour into the bottle and spray away the dirt!

Please note: I would pay very close attention to what you can and cannot use this cleaner on, as the lemon and vinegar are acidic. I wouldn't recommend using this on a granite counter-top as the reaction of the substances could damage the surface.

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