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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

We all know its really hard to stay at home without seeing your loves ones, but unfortunately we have to so we can save lives. This is the time when we should think about our next door neighbour, family and friends as this virus is spreading at high speed and it looks like we will be in this situation for the coming weeks.

The majority of people now are home based and it is important that we are productive with our time and find things to do, we must continue to keep ourselves occupied and I have come up with the following to keep you busy:

Reorganize your wardrobe

I am guilty of this, my wardrobe is a mess and I keep saying to myself "I will organize it tomorrow" this becomes next week, then turns into months and its still a mess a year later. As we now have so much time on our hands, this is the perfect time to do this and lets not delay it.

My tip to start is to compile 2 piles one for donation and one to keep, If you have clothes that you have not worn for longer than a few months its unlikely you will wear them again, so you may as well give it charity, same goes for shoes or bags.

Then put your most favorite and wearable clothes, shoes and bags in the other pile, I use wardrobe storage boxes to keep my jumpers and scarfs tidy, you can find these in IKEA, Dunelm and B&M to give you a few examples.

I try and do this de-clutter twice a year, I don't buy a lot of clothes throughout the year but when I notice I have many items that I no longer use this is when I donate.

Have a go and let me know how it goes, its helps you and its rewarding.

Deep clean your kitchen

With our busy lives, we only clean what the eyes can see for example the kitchen counters, the top of the hob and the sink.

But everyone forgets about the inside of their cupboards, check within the cupboards as they usually need a good clean, there's always the cupboards with only the cans so give that a good wipedown! I certainly did.

Where we put our glasses, plates, pots and pans usually gathers the most dust, don't forget the tiles, cupboard door and handles, I use anti-bacterial spray and always make sure you leave it for 2-3 minutes before wiping ohh and don't forget the switches.

The Oven is the one that everyone tries to avoid when it comes to cleaning, but its very important to do this as often as you can, because the more time you allow grease and fat to build up the harder it will be to clean, this also applies to the extractor hood and microwave.

The Fridge I recommend cleaning every 2 weeks, food expires and we usually don't notice until the time we want to use this, but its important you keep on top of this before the items build bacteria and you have to throw it out, don't forget to clean the fridge door handles also.

Whilst tidying and cleaning the kitchen you will notice things you don't really need or use, so these are the items that are perfect to donate as it will go to someone who needs it, in times like this donations are very important and go to a good cause, so try and do this as much as you can.

This will keep you busy all day or maybe two, good luck and enjoy :)

Find a hobby

I for example have a few hobbies to keep myself busy, these are things that I do because I love and enjoy them.

One of my biggest hobbies now is writing this blog, I enjoy helping people and sharing my experiences, my second biggest hobby is Art and photography.

Other popular hobbies include puzzles and coloring books are great to relax your mind, also woodwork, textiles, cooking, gardening, writing, drawing and painting are just a few ideas you can try, try and find something that you have always wanted to do but never had the chance due to your busy lifestyle.

Exercise and meditation

If you don't have a health condition that limits you from exercising or meditating I highly recommend doing this once a day.

Meditation once a day can help ease your mind of any worries and at the moment due to these uncertain times this is a great way of relaxing, you can find a lot of information about how to meditate online and the benefits it brings.

Exercising at least 15-20 minutes a day at home can help your mood, immune system, cardiovascular system, blood circulation, losing weight and improves heart health, again you can find a few tips of exercises online to do at home. At the moment we are allowed to leave the house for exercise purposes, so if you have a dog its a perfect opportunity to get out of the house for a short time.

Communicate with love ones

Now that we all have a lot of time out of our hands it is very important we reach out to our loved ones, our family and friends and even those people you have lost contact with, they will appreciate this more than you imagine.

Many people out there are alone and a simple phone call will make a huge difference to their day, now is the time to keep in contact and show that they are in your thoughts and not alone during this uncertain time.

So go and call as many people as you know and make a difference!


You know that project that you didn't have time to do or finish? this is the time!

Go wild and decorate your walls with that wallpaper or paint you have had your eye on and even brighten up your kitchen by painting your cupboards! I did this and it makes a huge difference, its amazing what some fresh paint can do to a room! and better still get the whole family involved.

Many online stores are still delivering so crack on!


I wasn't very good at baking, but now I love it! it is enjoyable and satisfying, so give it a go.

Baking is a activity that is relaxing and fun for the whole family, get the kids involved and they will enjoy every minute.

Try your hand at cookies, pizza dough, bread, cakes... this is just a few and the internet is full of easy recipes for all levels.

If you need a quick, easy and delicious chocolate cake to make that the whole family will love, then you can find my very own recipe by clicking here!

let me know how you get on as I would love to hear your feedback!

Netflix, Amazon prime and Disney+

As we are all at home now we tend to spend a lot of time on our sofa's, if you don't have Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+ it can get a bit frustrating as the TV channels are usually full of bad news.

Netflix is a worldwide streaming service of movies and TV shows only for £8.99 a month as well as amazon prime for £7.99 a month.

Disney plus is available for free for the first 6 days after you sign up meaning once registered you have a 6 day trial and can cancel free of charge within that time.

There are so many options to keep you entertained so start watching and let me know any recommendations you have!

I hope you enjoyed my post, make sure you are remain safe and well and keep yourself busy :)

Feel free to share and comment.

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