Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Looking for vegan shoes? look no further! Will's Vegan Shoes are a UK based company that has been around since 2012, I only found out about them recently and am in love! I have purchased 2 pairs already.

Their shoes are available for men & woman, the quality is very high which is represented by the price, but you will not be disappointed, all products are PETA approved, vegan, cruelty-free, carbon neutral and the packaging comes without any use of plastic.

They have a selection of items for you too choose from such as: bags, wallets, clothes, belts, sandals, boots, trainers and hiking boots .

One of my recent purchases was the Two Strap Sandals, these amazing sandals are ideal for Spring and Summer or to use on holiday. They look classy, fashionable and are ethically made in Portugal with high quality vegan leathers and suedes, they are also really easy to clean and maintain and the quality will ensure they are long lasting.

The above was my first purchase from Will's Vegan shoes, these are the Dock Boots, I use them all the time but especially during the Autumn and Winter time. I love the colour, design and quality as they look more expensive that what they are, I have received comments from friends and family who have guessed they cost well over £150, but when I tell them the price and the fact they are Vegan I always get a shocked response. These boots are breathable, water resistant and use vegan suede made from Italy.

I will definitely be buying some more as I love the brand and what they stand for, they are a company who share my ethics and beliefs and I hope you check them out and take a step towards helping the planet.

I hope you have enjoyed my article about Will's Vegan Shoes and hope you take the time to look into how they are changing the fashion shoe industry for the better.

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Catia Paice

The above views are all my own and this is not a paid partnership with any brands, the products I write about I have purchased myself and the reviews are my personal opinion.

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