Vegan Friendly make up

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By Catia Paice

So, what is vegan friendly make up? This can be very confusing for some people to define Vegan and cruelty free products, allow me to help you to understand the concept a bit better.

The definition of Vegan makeup is a product that does not contain any ingredients derived from an animal, for example some lip balms lotions may contain Lanolin, this is fat that's created from the grease in sheep's hair, shocking but unfortunately a reality. What I have found is some products may claim to be vegan and yet still be tested on animals, sad but true, what I have started looking for on all items I buy is that the cruelty free logo is clearly visible along with a vegan trademark.

I know that this can be confusing but over the years that I have been vegan, I have managed to now master this, I have become very cautious to what I buy as I strongly disagree with hurting or using animals in order to test products.

The following are a few ingredients to look out for as they are derived from animals and can easily be missed on the label, make sure you check for these before purchasing:

*Beeswax ( aka cera alba, cera lava) it comes directly from a bee hive and it is usually used in eye shadows, foundations or the most common is lipstick, this is taken from working bees and during the extraction process this can cause hundreds of bees to die. 

*Carmine known by so many different names such as Cohineal, crimson lake, natural red 4 and many more... this  is taken from crushed insect bodies and legs to obtain a deep red color.

*Collagen is used in anti-ageing products due to its plumping and firming effects, it is naturally produced in animals and is extracted from the bones, connective tissue and skin, YUCK! 

*Lanolin as I mentioned before is used in lip balms and lotions, it is the fat that is contained in the grease from sheep's hair. 

*Guanine (aka CI 75170) this comes from scraping fish scales once the fish has died, they then soak them in alcohol to create a iridescent solution, this ingredient is usually used for giving an extra shine and sparkle to your eye-shadow, nail polisher and blusher. 

*Keration is a protein naturally found in mammals, from hair, nails and horns, this ingredient is used in products that promote luscious hair.

*Squalene is an oil found on the liver of sharks, it is used for moisturizers and cosmetics. Please note do not be confused with Squalane which is cruelty free and it comes from olive or sugar cane. 

*Palm oil is a vegetable oil and is entirely plant-based, so it would appear to be 100% vegan, however Palm oil is produced in a way that is deeply damaging to the environment and to biodiversity in general, this also affects various species of animals such as elephants, orangutans and Sumatran tigers.


There are plenty more but I wanted to bring your attention to the most common ones I have found, if you would like more information contact me here

If you are still unsure as to whether a product is vegan/cruelty-free then look out for certified logos labeled on the packaging, but if you are still in doubt contact the company directly! 

I will shortly be writing a few upcoming posts listing the best brands to use for make up and skincare, I want to help my readers shop smarter and better and most importantly without any worries.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, please leave me any comments, rate this page and share. 

Catia Paice